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Since 1963 AMS Srl operates in the field of mechanical machining with the purpose performing for its customers the roughing and finishing of steel casting components. 
The development has seen, during the activity years, the specialization in particular sectors as much as strategic sectors both for the business organization and the economy of our country.

AMS deals in the areas of the energy production, from hydraulic to thermonuclear, the marine propulsion, the fluid lifting and the heavy loads lifting and the machine components and systems for dredging and drilling. Thanks to the internal know-how and its organization, AMS is able to manage special components (for example that need the surface modeling) and it can supply anytime the right solution for its customers thanks to its professional background.

In the same way, the machining capacities of special steels and cast irons are extensive and thorough; from the usual steels, such as martensitic and austenitic stainless steels to the special steels (for example stainless steels with mixed structure or super stainless steels) with considerable hardness or in those cases where the resistance required to external chemical and physical agents and mechanical forces needs to be very high.

AMS can offer the production of single components or of limited series as well the capacity to supply assembled machinery (for example completed hydropower groups) and it provides a whole service of CAD/CAM study, turning, milling, surface modelling and balancing of rotating components.

AMS is undoubtedly the ideal choice for those looking for high-quality products. It is a reliable partner to address to each time there is the necessity to find the best solution concerning specific requirements.
This is due to the long-term activity in the already outlined sectors and also on accordance of our natural inclination to provide a clear and defined partnership that is reliable, adaptable and proactive, with a wide range of machine-tools.

Machinery pool


Machine tool Length [mm] Width [mm ] Height [mm]
Boring machine n. 1 1.600 1.200 1.200
Boring machine n. 2 1.500 1.600 2.500
Boring machine n. 3 2.000 1.800 1.600


Machine tool Length [mm] Width [mm ] Height [mm]
Boring machine n. 1 6.000 1.800 1.600
Boring machine n. 2 6.000 3.000 1.700
Boring machine n. 3 2.000 2.000 1.500


Machine tool Length [mm] Width [mm ] Height [mm]
Milling machine n. 1 1.480 320 420
Milling machine n. 2 1.600 800 800


Machine tool Max diameter [mm] Max length [mm]
Lathe n. 1 800 3.000
Lathe n. 2 1.000 1.800
Lathe n. 3 1.200 2.800
Lathe n. 4 320 2.000
Lathe n. 5 700 1.400
Lathe n. 6 1.000 5.000
Lathe n. 7 1.200 3.800
Lathe n. 8 2500 4000


Machine tool Max diameter [mm] Max length [mm]
Lathe n. 1 1.610 1.050
Lathe n. 2 3.100 2.000
Lathe n. 3 2.100 1.400


Max weight [kg] Max diameter [mm]
Dynamic balancing machine 3.000 2.200


The AMS management is particularly sensitive to market needs and it believes the customers’ satisfaction to be of a fundamental importance. This is gained through the implementation of a constant supervision of the integrated systems (quality – security and environment).

In particular, the prearranged objectives are:

  • provide products with faultiness/defective percentage “tending to zero”
  • construction of elements that are able to satisfy the well-established necessities with a particular attention to functionality and aesthetics
  • optimization of the delivery time
  • involve the whole company structure, following the fellow role and competence, with security objectives and business management characterized by the prevention of accidents, injuries and work-related illness.

In order to achieve these objectives, AMS is actively involved in an incessant improvement of the organization and in a continuous evolution so as to enhance the production cycles of manufacture and quality control.

For issues related to security, environment and financial issues, as required by Article 6, Paragraph 1, Letter b of the legislative decree “June 8, 2001, n. 231”, AMS has endowed itself with the “Supervisory Authority System”.


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